The curious case of Astrophytum Asterias

The curious case of Astrophytum Asterias

This hypnotically patterned cacti originally derived from a small part of Texas and throughout Mexico. Instead of large spines this cacti has tiny speckled tuft of hairs covering it in.

Over the years its has been breed to showcase different types of patterns of characteristics. The most famous one being the highly sought after "Superkabuto". This Japanese hybrid is almost entirely covered in the white areoles.

Thought to most likely originate from one field collected mutated specimen found in 1981 by the Japanese Mr. Masaomi Takeo in an American garden centre and later on sold to Japan at a high price. Propagation was later made possible thanks to cross pollination through the more commonly found  A. asterias and Astrophytum capricorne. What is know is that thanks to many growers across the world this plant is now more obtainable and with even more variation of shapes and wooliness. 

Care Tips:

  • Water sparingly.
  • use well draining and airy soil, plants may become too elongated if compost is too rich.
  • Keep dry and in cool during the darker half of the year