Baking with matcha

Baking with matcha
Experiment and make amazing green pastries!

In Japan, you can see amazing green pastries everywhere that are all made with matcha powder. And it’s not hard to understand why, matcha is a lot of fun to bake with. The bright green colour and characteristic taste is addictive. Whether you want to make ice cream, frosting, cookies, cakes or buns, matcha powder adds a unique twist to any recipe.

To get the best results when baking with matcha, we recommend using our Matcha – Latte Grade or Kuwa Matcha. While regular matcha provides excellent taste, kuwa matcha adds exceptional green colour. Using high quality matcha, like a single origin, is a bit of a waste since the nutritional properties will get lost when heated in the oven.

For a perfect match – combine matcha with vanilla, cardamum, lime, raspberries or blueberries!

To think about when baking with matcha!
Matcha has a tendency to make the dough a bit dry, especially when baking cookies, buns or bread. Add more liquid to the recipe if necessary!