Crazing, a beautiful crackle on your bowl!

Crazing, a beautiful crackle on your bowl!

After firing the bowl and the temperature begins to drop in the kiln, the bowl start to shrink. Because the glaze tend to shrink more than the clay fine cracks can occur on the surface of the glaze. This is what is referred to as crazing, or crackle.

A look which can often be desired, crazing really epitomize the philosophy of Wabi Sabi (The Perfect Art of Imperfection) and a great reminder of the handcrafted nature of these works of art.

In the more subtle form and subdued colors of Hagi ware, bowls with crazing has been known to change color after years of use also known as ” The seven changes of Hagi”.

Great tips to care for you matcha bowl with crazing:

  • Let your bowl soak in wam water first time using to let the bowl absorb water. 
  • Do not machine dish wash
  • Do not use detergent when washing