How to whisk the perfect matcha

How to whisk the perfect matcha
Practice and become your own matcha master! 


2 bamboo spoons matcha powder
2 dl water


  • Optional: Soak the bamboo whisk in hot water to make it softer. If the whisk is new it will bloom and open up like a flower.
  • Pour hot water into the matcha bowl, pour it out and dry it thoroughly. This step is to keep the matcha hot longer since matcha is not made with boiling hot water.
  • Place two spoons of matcha powder in the matcha bowl.
  • Heat up the water to a temperature between 70 – 80 °C. The water should not be boiling hot since the water then can destroy some of the beneficial properties of the matcha. Pour a small amount of water in the bowl, just about 1/2 dl.
  • Start whisking the matcha by moving the whisk quickly in a W-shape until the matcha gets a light green froth on top. To whisk a matcha is all about skills and might take some practice, so don’t give up if the matcha doesn’t have that perfect froth the first time.
  • Fill up the matcha bowl with more hot water and enjoy!