The matcha check

The matcha check
Learn how to detect the matcha quality!

The most common mistake for matcha beginners is to buy cheap matcha as their first, since you don’t want to spend a lot of money on something you are not sure you will like. The choice will usually fall on a low-quality matcha with a bad taste and the experience unfortunately ends up not being very good.

Unfortunately, there are no regulations regarding the classifications of matcha and it is up to the supplier to decide how to classify their matcha.  

There are some tricks to use to determine the quality!
It is with matcha, like so many other things, that the price reflects the quality. A high quality matcha is sold in small jars since matcha is sensitive to oxygen. A matcha sold in a bag has already started to oxidize due to the air in the bag and will not taste as good.

Look – The colour should be an intense green

Feel – The texture should be smooth to the touch

Smell – There should be a fresh grassy smell

Taste – The taste should be sweet, grassy and slightly bitter

Evaluate – Quality is always reflected in the price