Welcome to Matchabar by Renée Voltaire

You might wonder why the Japanese always overdo things. Why they can’t just settle for a cup of tea without stepping into a thousand-year tradition of farming, pottery and poetry. Wonder no more. You have just stepped into one of the rare places where you can find, buy and try this whole world. And thus find the answer: because it makes you as happy, healthy and energized as a Zen master. 

     I knocked on a few doors to make this happen. In remote family farms where every grain of matcha is a generational pride. In Kyoto workshops of wrinkly men who spent their whole lives perfecting the matcha whisk. I met potters, tray makers, spoon carvers, calligraphers, textile dyers and other “overdoers” who all became my friends. And your suppliers to be within the “Shop” section where we ensure that the quality of every matcha tool and every grain of powder we sell is of Zen grade.

     And if you don’t just settle for a cup of Ceremonial Grade A Matcha – prepared and served the real way – I am more than happy to share all my passion stories with you. Just knock on the “Stories” section for a glimpse of Zen experience.


Ichi – go ichi – e  (this moment this time only), 
Renée Voltaire 

Meet also a personal legacy, my son André Voltaire. His apple didn’t fall far from the tea bush since his passion is cacti. In André's section, Cactusbar, you can shop for things brought home from his own travels: pots, accessories and of course different species of the plant itself. Along with other unique and irresistible collectibles – if you know, you know...